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Musemio offers fun and educational immersive experiences that take children around cultures and museum artefacts. We provide families a great way to engage with your institution by putting them in front of your stories to explore with their own eyes. Create the perfect experience for your audience that is not only educational but fosters a sense of global awareness.

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Create immersive narratives that align with your educational and social objectives. Reach young audiences with the stories that are important.
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Reach the audiences around the world with Musemio’s at-home solution for cultural education. Offer young people the chance to fall in love with your institution in a new way.

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Expand your audience demographics by creating interactive story at a fraction of the cost.

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Case Studies

Innovative ways Musemio is co-creating with collections around the world.
Hellenic Museum of IT
Royal Museums Greenwich
London Transport Museum
Hellenic Museum of IT has partners with Musemio to give their collection a new life. After teleporting to Computer Paradeisos, children meet the narrator - the Tower of IBM computers, who asks for help to remove a virus plaguing peripherals. Filled with STEAM related activities explorer complete challenges to help to save Computer Paradeisos.
Royal Museums Greenwich presents Moon Viewer! Use your smartphone and VR headset to take in an orbital view of the Moon and chart humanity's exploration of the lunar surface, both crewed and robotic. Discover locations as an armchair astronaut, including American, Soviet and other nations' moon missions, spanning 60 years from 1959 up until the present day.
London Transport Museum and Musemio are co-creating the new immersive educational experience based on their Hidden London sites. Embark on a remarkable adventure back to 1944 in one of the deep-level shelters to discover what it was like for families living in these underground shelters during the height of World War Two.

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Every collection is unique and there are different ways to make it standout using immersive. Reach out to us today and find out how Musemio can fit your strategy around digitisation and immersive.