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Teleport back to 1944 to uncover the secrets of Clapham South deep-level shelter!

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Inspiring every child to explore curiosities from any smartphone. Our research-backed, immersive games allow kids to traverse history and arts through interactive mobile VR quests


Musemio's challenges are rooted in evidence-led research and a 21st-century curriculum that reinforces creativity and critical thinking, supported by the Insititute of Education and xEdu.


Musemio creates a safe path for children to explore immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). All our learning gamesare co-created with children and educators, using immersive storytelling best practices. Children love using Musemio's 2D mode on tablets, and can always immerse themselves in Musemio's worlds with child-appropriate VR headsets


With Musemio, children become explorers in the convenience of their own homes. Plus they can continue learning offline to keep the adventures alivein our Explorer Corner!

Parents and children love us

Parent of a 12 year old Explorer
Parent of a 8 year old Explorer
Explorer Age 8
Explorer Age 9
I have never seen my kid, who struggles in school, so engaged with history and arts. Ever.
Wow! Tried it myself, and it does feel like you are there.
I felt like I was actually there! I got to use my imagination and explore Ancient Egypt with my cardboard.
In the landscape, I felt like I was actually in Ancient Egypt. It was like I escaped there, but I was still just in a chair!
Musemio’s adventures are a fun & immersive way to understand the world! Join the fun and download the FREE app today.
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